Tay Ying 郑颖
宅家期间,你都是如何充实生活的?阅读就是郑颖的休闲活动之一,一本《Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World》讲述的是女性的自我觉醒与伟大。书中以母狮子为主角,通过象征的手法,传递了当代女性应该自强自立的讯息,也以暗语转述了圣经要典。

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Even as we currently don’t have access to our physical arts spaces and venues, it seems like many of us are still very involved in the arts this CB. I’ve been seeing so many of you (myself included) making use of this time to pick up a new arts skill through online tutorials, listening to music, reading books, and binging on tv shows and movies. Some of you are even watching musicals online! And I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that there is something enchanting about the arts – wherever you are physically, it can somehow bring you into a different realm that seems like an escape from reality. The National Arts Council has launched #SGCultureAnywhere, and www.a-list.sg is a one-stop platform of the best of Singapore’s arts and culture available any time and anywhere. The website is continuously updated with things to do, watch, learn, to show that culture carries on even as the venues take a brief interlude! So let’s continue to feed our souls, uplift our spirits and get creative ✨

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Chantalle Ng 黄暄婷
试问90后,有谁不是看着Harry Potter的书籍或电影长大的?Chantalle就趁着宅家时光重新阅读原著,还戴上了比起Harry有过之而无不及的“书呆眼镜”,看样子很有代入感哦!
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Zhang Ze Tong 张哲通
“理科男”张哲通近期在看的则是《Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind》,一本关于人类“大历史”的纪实文学书。但哲通表示不要被它的标题给吓到,该书的语言清晰易懂,内容生动,且能为你带来思想冲击。同样一本书,Benjamin陈政序也在看哦!

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We are at the halfway point of extended #CircuitBreaker. Last night, I looked back and listed down the things that I have done over the last thirty days. — 🔴 I did a few IG Live, which I totally enjoy doing. It was fun just chatting with another person over the phone and answering the live questions — 📽 Learned video editing, man, it took me 7hrs to edit that 8-minute video, I Did The Saitama Workout Challenge — ☕ Oh I really like coffee, and found out the easiest way to brew coffee without any machines. So, I made my first cup of cold brew coffee (I will share more on this soon — ✌ most recently, i created my first IG filter. I'm now thinking of what should my next filter be — 💪 i did way too many pushups because of #plus10challenge — 😴 there have been too many late-nights, i really need to sleep earlier I'm putting them here not because I want to inspire you (or myself) to be more productive. Because one year later, it's easy to forget what you have done and how you felt during this period. It's good to document down what you have done and how you've felt during this period And, it's perfectly okay to not be productive in times like this. Staying at home already consumes a lot of our willpower Hang in there, it will be over soon

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Belinda Lee 李心钰


Diana Ser 徐秀盈
除了在与《女友》直播时分享的《Has China Won》及《When Breath Becomes Air》,Diana又分享了新阅读好物《Mother Land》。与前两本不同的是,《Mother Land》是一本虚构小说,且有趣的地方在于描述了一个以自我为中心的母亲如何影响整个家庭。在广大书籍都热衷于赞美女性、表扬母爱的环境下,该作者一反常态,让书中矛盾更强烈,人物刻画也更加引人入胜。